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Stamps Issue Series

150th Anniversary of First Stamp in Indonesia 2014

1 April 2014

Indonesia Post Administration formally established on 27th September 1945, but the history of Indonesian Stamps was started from 1st April 1864, when the first Netherland Indies stamp was release.

The Netherland Indies

The first postage stamp in the Netherland Indies was printed in Utrecht Netherlands, on 1st April 1864. The stamp design showed a picture of King Willem III of Netherlands with a face value of ten cents in imperforation, design by T.W. Kaiser of Netherlands. Continued between 1864 and 1920, stamp design only showed picture of the King and Queen of Netherlands, some were showed in typographic design.

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Indonesian Traditional Music Instrument

9 March 2014

Dogdog Lojor

A traditional musical instrument of Banten was named "dogdog" as if being hit will produce sound "dog". Dogdog usually long shaped (lojor) so named "dogdog lojor'. Dogdog lojor made from areca nut bole or large bamboo with a length of about 1.25 meters. On one side is covered sheep or goat leather to hit.

Terompet Reog

Terompet Reog is a traditional musical instrument from Ponorogo, East Java. This instrument is commonly used as an accompaniment when performing Reog Ponorogo. This wind instrument is made of wood. Some models shaped carved dragon head.

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Year of The Horse 2014

15 January 2014

Goodbye the Year of the Water Snake and welcome to the Year of the Wooden Horse. Chinese New Year 2014 falls on January 31, 2014, represented by symbols (Chinese zodiac) Horse. Accompanying element is wood. Horses symbolise hard work, self-contained and joy.

Horses in the middle of Indonesian

Horses have an important role for the development of human civilisation, as well as in Indonesia. In addition to transport, the horse is often used as objects in tarditional Indonesia art. One is the Kuda Lumping, an art of Javanese traditional dance that is played with a horse imitation as property. Horses are also uses as a means of traditional sports such as agility and compete at Horse racing Gayo. On the island of Sumbawa, horses bred for milk used.

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Stamps Issue Series

General Elections 2014

9 January 2014

Welcoming the People's Democtaric Party, General Election 2014, the government of the Republic of Indonesia on January 9, 2014 issued a special stamp series "General Election 2014". Stamp design is the work of the Indonesia Stamp Design Contest 2013 winner for each age group.

General elections in Indonesia have taken place since 1955, 1971, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 1999, 2004 and 2009. At first, election intended to select the members of representative institutions, namely the Parliament, Provincial and Regency/City. After the fourth amandement of the 1945 Constitution in 20012, the election of the President and Vice President (President Election), which was originally performed by the Assembly, it was agreed to be made directly by the people that was put into the General Election regime. Presidential Election as part of the General Elections were held firstly in 2004.

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Flora and Fauna 2013

5 November 2013

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Largetooth Sawfish (Pristis Microdon)

Largetooth Sawfish shark lives in the Lake Sentani. The fishis also popular with the name stingray or Sentani shark because it is endemic in Sentani lake, papua. Westerners call it as a largetooth Jawfish that meant a big-toothed shark. It is a freshwater fish breeds in ovavivipar. Although the appearance of the shark is pretty awful, that does not mean thet the fish overwhelms the Lake Sentani. The fact indicates that the population of the pristidae family members named in Latin as Pristis microdon continuous ro shrink. The fish which spreads in Australia, India, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and Thailand is classified s freshwater inhabitants and loves the tropics. Usually they live in large lakes, rivers or certain marshes. In Indonesia, the shark lives in Digul River, Mahakam River (Kalimantan), Siak River and Sepih River.

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Stamps Issue Series

The World Stamp Expo Australia 2013

10 May 2013

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According to the Federation Internationale de Philatelie (FIP) calendar, on 10 to Ma 15, 2013 world philatelic exhibition will be held under the name of The World Stamp Expo AUSTRALIA 2013. The 6 days Expo will take place at The Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia.

Expo will be held at once to commemorate centenary Kangaroo stamp that was the first stamp designs issued by the Australian Postal Administration.

The exhibitors are philatelic collectors from more than 30 countries. In philatelic and numismatik trade event, more than 85 booths will be stood and well organized by the Postal Administrations, philatelic and numismatic dealers, as well as other philatelic organizations.

Indonesia as one of the Postal Administration who participated in the Expo event, issued special souvenir sheet to mark the exhibition. The special exhibition souvenir sheet issued in 2 sheets per set. Each dresign featuring object Kangaroos and Orang Utan. The selection of design objects based on these animals habitats are endemic of each country that is host Expo organizers and participants.

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Stamps Issue Series

60 Years Diplomatic Relationship  Indonesia Mexico 2013

6 April 2013

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Stamps Issue Series

Indonesian Traditional Music Instruments

9 March  2013

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Stringed instruments such as mandolin actually came from Arabia. The origin of the inclusion of music and musical instruments Gambus to area in Indonesia, along with the influence of islam, so that the color of the music was having Islamic Arabic poetry. In its development, Gambus music is also enriched with poetic Malay and India in addition to bringing folk songs with various variations.


This instrument is very popular n he Pidie, North Aceh. Aceh Besar and Aceh Barat. Serune Kalee played along with Rapai and Geundrang at entertainment events, dances, welcoming guests of honor. The materials of Serune kalese are wood, brss and copper.

Serune Kalee paired with Geundrang and rapal. These instruments are the indigenous musical instruments heritage and culture since the heyday of the kingdom of Aceh darussalam Aceh until now.


This blow instrument made of sea shells or sea slugs. Sea shells or ordinary local people call it "bia shell", which is used as Fu is sea shell/bia raratol, tahuri, capeu and lemon.


Celempung is a musical instrument made of bamboo by using wave resonances in the segment of bamboo. The resulting sound like a drum. The stick made of bamboo or wood, covered by a cloth or a thin object in the edge to produce a loud aound. To play this instrument is hit by stick. The player can produce the sound by regulating the size of the air coming out of the bungbung  (body) of celempung. Celempung sound can vary depending of the player's ingenuity.

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22 Januari 2013

Year of the Snake


20 February 2013

Ratu Boko Palace



9 March  2013

6 April 2013

Indonesian Traditional Music Instruments

60 Years Diplomatic Relationship  Indonesia Mexico 2013


1 May 2013

50 Years of Liberation of West Irian 2013


2 May 2013

100 Years Ki Hadjar Dewantara's Article "Als Ik een Nederlander was"



8 May 2013

10 May 2013

150th Anniversary of International Red Cross

The World Stamp Expo Australia 2013





5 June 2013

14 June 2013

23 July 2013

5 November 2013

Environmental Care 2013

100th Anniversary of Archaelogical Institute 2013

SOS Children's Village Indonesia 2013

Flora and Fauna 2013


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A Look at the Museum Prangko Indonesia - Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

The Stamp Museum stands on a plot of 9.590 m2 and is flanked by two support buildings. The first, covering 204 m2, functions as a reception hall and rest area for guests.

The second, alco covering 204 m2, functions as a post office. The post office provides postal services to visitors to the Indonesian Stamp Museum and sells stamps and other items of philatelic interest.

The Indonesian stamp Museum was established with the aim of providing recreational and educational facilities that would be able to reflect the history of the indonesian people and the beauty of Indonesian culture as portrayed in stamps.

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