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"20 Years of APPTC"


The Asian-Pasific Postal Training Centre (APPTC) formerly Asian-Oceanic Postal Training School (AOPTS) officially opened in Bangkok on the 10th of September 1970 with the full support offered by the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the United nations Development Programme (UNDP) and member countries of the Asian-Pasific Postal Unnion (APPU). The establishment of this institution is a symbol of cooperation among countries in Asia and Pasific and aims to provide middle managerial and specialist training to improve postal service within the region.

In the frame of commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Asian Pasific Postral Training Centre,  the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunications on 10th September 1990 issues a set of  commemorative stamp and First Day Cover "20 Years of APPTC" with the following data:


1. Date of issue   : 10 September 1990

2. Denominations :  Rp 500,00  

3. Quantity : 2.000.000 pieces for each stamp.

4. Paper : White unwatermarked                                            

5. Gum type : PVA

6. Printing process : Rotogravure in two colours bearing special marks in the form of emblem of Perum Pos dan Giro (Public Corporation of Posts and Giro) which are visible only under ultra-violet ray.

7. Size : 21.00 x 28.96 mm.

8. Perforation : 12.50 x 12.50 

9. Sheet composition : 100 stamps per sheet.

10. Designers         : Slamet Sugiyanto, BA

11.  Printer : Perum Peruri, Jakarta



1 Quantity         : 12.500 pieces 

3. Designer         : Sadjirun

4. Price              : Rp 750.00.


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