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"55th Antara News Agency's Anniversary"

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ANTARA NEWS AGENCY was established on December 13, 1937, as a struggle media in reaching for Indonesia nation's freedom.

One of its heroic actions was by broadcasting a very risky announcement about the Indonesia's independence proclamation which awakened the entire world's attention.

In commemorating55th Antara News Agency's Anniversary, on December 13, the Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunications issues  a series of commemorative stamps,  and  the Perum Pos dan Giro  issues First Day Covers "55th Antara News Agency's Anniversarywith are to the following specifications:

     A. STAMPS

Classification Stamp : Commemorative Stamps

1. Date of issue : 13 December 1992

2. Denominations :  Rp 500,00 depicting the historical ANTARA BUILDING in Jakarta

3. Quantity : 2.000.000 stamps

4. Paper : White unwatermarked                                            

5. Gum type : PVA

6. Printing process : Rotogravure in two colours bearing special marks in the form of emblem of Perum Pos dan Giro (Public Corporation of Posts and Giro) which are visible only under ultra-violet ray.

7. Size : 21.00 x 28.96 mm.

8. Perforation : 12.50 x 12.50

9. Sheet composition : 100 stamps per sheet.

10. Designers        :  Ibnu Suroto

      Design resources : 55th Antara News Agency's Anniversary committee

11. Printer : Perum PERURI.



1. Quantity   : 15.000 pieces 

2. Designer  : Slamet Sugianto

3. Price        : Rp 1.000,00 / each



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