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The definition of drug abuse varies from culture to culture and even from time to time within the same culture. It is difficult to formulate the definition due to the complex relationship between social norm, legal standards, and individual behaviours.  As a matter of fact, drugs are useful for medical and scientific purposes. However, repeated use of some drugs can lead to a dependence. Dependence and addiction indicate that the use of the drug has become more important than other values and behaviors previously considered important to the user. Then it will damage the value of social, culture and religion.

There are nine major groups of drugs that are commonly abused. They are:

 (1) opioids, including opium, morphine, codeine, heroin;

(2) sedatives, including alcohol and antianxiety agents;

(3) cocaine;

(4) cannabinoids, including both natural forms (found in marijuana) and certain synthetics;

(5) nicotine;

(6) psychedelics or hallucinogens, including LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide);

(7) arylcyclohexylamines;

(8) inhalants; and

(9) a miscellaneous group made up of substances found in tea and coffe, betel nuts, kava, and other plant products.

Even when opioids are obtained from legal channels such as through medical treatment, medical problems and impairment of social functioning can occur. When the drugs cannot be obtained from legal sources, addicted users will commit obtaining them from illicit sources. That can cause serius physical and mental problems to the users. Even their surrounding can be effected.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted June 26 as the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.  Since 1988, members of the United Nations including Indonesia, have been commemorating this day with various drug abuse prevention and control activities. However, eradicating drug abuse is not solely the government's task. Its is a collective responbility.




Product code   : 980810

Issue date : 26 June 1998

Denominations : 2 x Rp 700,-

Designs : Students campaigning against drug abuse

Designers : Ibnu Suroto


to be continued ...