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INDONESIA 2000 No. 1 

Special  Stamps Issuance

After gaining success in holding exhibitions "Indopex '93" in Surabaya, "Jakarta '95" in Jakarta and "Indonesia '96" in Bandung, Indonesia once again will have a chance to convene an international philatelic exhibition in the year 2000 dubbed as "Indonesia 2000". The exhibition is scheduled to be held in Bandung from 11 to 20 August 2000 under the patronage of the Federation Internationale de Philatelie (FIP). The event coincides with the commemoration of the 55th anniversary of Indonesia's independence.

To mark and greet the exhibition, every year from 1997 ton 2000 a series of stamps called "Indonesia 2000" will be issued. The series will be featuring Indonesia gemstone with its varieties.

Gemstones have long been prized for their beautiful colours, attractive lustres  and crystal forms. Indonesia has abundant treasures of gemstones, ehich consist of precious stones, semi-precious stones, and ornamental stones or suiseki. With thousands of islands and volcanoes along its territory, gemstones exist in manifold kinds, some of which are found nowhere else. However, the handling of yhis valuable treasure has not been done in an optimum way. Most of the manufacturings are done by small or home industries. Furthermore, gemstones have not been promoted properly. Unfortunately, some companies export gemstones  as raw materials, giving no added value.

The issuance of the "Indonesia 2000" stamp series is expected to introduce and promote the existence of Indonesian gemstones to the public. On this Series No. 1 issued in 1997, four kinds of semi precious stones are depicted. i.e. Colour Jasper, Chrysocolla and Geode. The second one is a collection of ibu Try Soetrisno, the wife of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia. Banded Agate is featured on the souvenir sheet.

In addition to the stamps, other philatelic items are also issued, including first day cover and sheetlet. 




Product code        : 970810

Issue Date            : 20 May 1997

Denomination and designs  : Rp 300.00 Colour Jasper  

                                           Rp 700.00 Chrysocolla

                                           Rp 1.000,00 Geode 

Size                      : 25.31 mm x 41.06 mm

Perforations          : 13.5 x 12.75

Colours                 : 5 colours + 1 logo

Paper                    : white unwatermarked

Gum                      : PVA

Printing process     : combinations of offset and rotogravure

Printing quantity     : 1,000,000 sets

Sheet composition : 20 pieces (5x4) 

Printer                   : Perum Peruri, Jakarta



Product code     : 970815

Price                  : Rp 6,000.00

Composition       : 3 stamps sets

Printing quantity : 50,000 sheets



Product code     : 970820

Price                  : Rp 3,000.00

Printing quantity : 20,000 pieces

Designer           : Yani Madya

Printer               : Phicom Studio, Bandung


Product code     : 970830

Price                  : Rp 2,000,00

Design               : Banded Agate

Designer             : Jonas Digital Imaging Communication, Bandung 

Quantity              : 70,000 pieces

Printer                 : Perum Peruri, Jakarta


Stamp Sales Period : 20 May 1997 - 31 Desember 2000

Period of Validity For Letter Postage : 20 May 1997 - 31 December 2002


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