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INDONESIA 2000 #2 

The Gemstone are back!

On May 20 lst year, the first edition of "Indonesia 2000" series was released. The stamps featured four kinds of Indonesian gemstones, namely Pictured Jasper, Chrysocolla, Geode, and Banded Agate. The issuance of the "Indonesia 2000" stamp series, as you might already know, is aimd to welcome the world philatelic exhibition to be held in Jakarta, 11 to 20 August 2000 which in short is simply called "INDONESIA 2000". 

On the same date this year, the second series of "Indonesia 2000" is released, also featuring gemstone. This time the gemstone chosen for designs are Chrysopal, Amethyst, Tektite, Perified Wood, and Opal, which is specially designed for the limited edition of the series.

You can find some special products in this series. The most important is the first day cover woth souvenir sheet and real gemstone, which is probably cannot be found elsewhere. The souvenir sheet bears the Petrified Wood and accordingly, we put Petrified Wood on the first day cover. The oval-shaped, 4-cm long stone aged between 5 and 25 million years is specially designed for the cover.

Compared to the first series, the minisheet of this series is smaller that makes it easier to be stored in the album.




Product code   : 980510

Issue date        : 20 May 1998

Dominations    : Rp 300,- Rp 700,- Rp 1.000,-

Designs           : Chrysopal, Amethyst, Tektite

Designer         : Ayang Kalake

to be continued ...