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Special  Stamps Issuance

The diversity of Indonesian ethnic groups with their various traditions, life norms, religions, arts, and cultures is reflected in the motto "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" (Unity in Diversity) eshrined on the Indonesian National coat of arms, the Garuda Eagle. The Nusantara Archipelago is enriched by numerous dances rooted in each region and is a valuable treasures in the Indonesian cultural library.

To raise appreciation of the richness of Indonesian art and culture, the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunications has issued the "Indonesian Art and Culture" stamp series since 1992, featuring traditional dances from each province of Indonesia.

The issuance of the series continues this year. This time the province Aceh, Jakarta, South Kalimantan, and East Timor will have their turn and will be represented by the Rampai, Ngarojeng, Baksa Kembang, and Boi Tuka Dances. Accompanying the stamps, a souvenir sheet and a first day cover are also released. The series is scheduled to continue next year with the dances from other provinces.




Product code        : 962210

Issue Date            : 27 December 1996

Designs, Denominations & designers : Rp 150.00; Baksa Kembang Dance of South Kalimantan, by Desmal  

                                                          Rp 300.00; Ngarojeng Dance of Jakarta, by Ezry Yunalies 

                                                          Rp 700.00; Rampai Dance of Aceh, by Samuel Talahatu

                                                          Rp 1,000.00; Boi Tuka Dance of East Timor, by Suprayitno

Size                      : 25.31 mm x 41.06 mm

Perforations          : 13.50 x 12.75

Colors                  : 5 colors + 1 logo

Paper                    : white unwatermarked

Gum                      : PVA

Printing process     : combinations of offset and rotogravure

Printing quantity     : 1,000,000 sets

Sheet composition : 50 pieces (10x5) 

Printer                   : Perum Peruri, Jakarta



Product code     : 962220

Price                  : Rp 2,900.00

Printing quantity : 19,000 pieces

Designer           : Tri Joko Purnomo, SP.d

Printer               : Accent Studio, Bandung



Product code     : 962230

Price                  : Rp 2.000,00

Design               : Ngarojeng Dance of Jakarta

Designer           : Ezry Junalies

Quantity              : 40,000 pieces

Printer               : Perum Peruri, Bandung




Stamp Sales Period : 27 Desember 1996 - 31 Desember 1999

Period of Validity For Letter Postage : 27 December 1996 - 31 December 2001


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