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10 June 2009


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With enormous natural resources that providing high quality ingredients and spices, Indonesia own cultural richness in the form of assorted delicious traditional foods. As an effort to preserve as well as promote culinary heritage of Indonesia, stamp series of Indonesia Traditional Foods issued this year features traditional food of six provinces, namely Ihutilinanga from Gorontalo, Gulai Balak from Lampung, sate Tambulinas from Southeast Sulawesi, Sambal Goreng Papai from Central Kalimantan, Nasi Uduk from Jakarta, and Ikan Bobara Kuah Asam from West Papua.


Served with scrambled eggs as well as spreads of chilly and onion in buttery fresh coconut milk has made this previously a common fried eggplant an extraordinary dish from Gorontalo with delicious taste.

Gulai Balak

Consisting of Beef or lamb chops, Gulai Balak differs from commonly found curry. A strong taste of this curry comes from spices and seasoning indicating a typycal flavor of Lampung foods. Creamy coconut milk soup with the taste of ginger, nutmeg, chilly and onion absorbed in every slices of meat creates an appetizing aroma.

Sate Tambulinas

Usually we consume a kind of traditional grilled meat with separated sauce. Yet, Southeast Sulawesi people has invented a way of serving it by absorbing spices as ginger, onion, garlic, and chilly into slices of meat. Served with lime, Sate Tambulinas becomes a different kind of traditional grill meat in a hot and refreshing taste.

Sambal Goreng Papai

This distinctive food of Palangkaraya is made of shrimp and ball shaped tempe or fermented soybean. Cooked with minced onion, garlic, chilly, ginger, citronella, lime leaf and fresh coconut milk, this dish is served with edible fern.

Nasi Uduk

This traditional food of Jakarta has become a familiar menu in Indonesia. Made of rice with coconut milk, coriander, citronella, pandanus leaf and salt, this delicious dish is served with fried tiny sea fish, peanut, sliced omelet, cucumber, basil leaf, spreads of fried onion as well as chily sauce.

Ikan BobaraKuah Asam

Bobara, a fish generally found in Papua sea is a main ingredient of this dish. Smeared with coconut oil, salt, and tamarind water, this fish is grilled and served in a soup containing tomato, lime leaf, scallion, chilly, citronella and salt. This simple way of serving this food does not lessen its deliciousness.







Classification of Issuance


Special Stamps

Product Code



Issue date


6 July 2009

Designs and Denominations


1/6 Ilhutilinanga (Gorontalo);

2/6 Gulai Balak (Lampung);

3/6 Sate Tambulinas (Central Sulawesi);

4/6 Sanmbal Goreng Papai (Central Kalimantan);

5/6 Nasi Uduk (DKI Jakarta);

6/6 Ikan Bobara Kuah Asam (West Papua)

Denominations 6 x rp 1.500,-



41.06 mm x 25.31 mm



12.75 x 13.50

Sheet Composition


24 pcs (3x8)

Price per Sheet


Rp 36.000,-



4 colors separation + 1 invisible ink



Tullis Russel




Printing Process



Printing Quantity


300.000 sheets






AMG Security Printing


Product Code





Rp 11.000,00

Printing Quantity


5.000 sets



Tata Sugiarta



Stamp Sales Period                    : 6 July 2009 31 December 2012

Period of Validity For Postage      : 6 July 2009 31 December 2014


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