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Indonesian Traditional Foods

06 Juli 2010

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Indonesian Culinary is a wealth of heritage that is very precious and because of its variety makes it worth to try, It is the seventh issues of "Indonesian Traditional Food" stamp series, it was started in 2004. The series this time consists of 7 (seven) designs.

that are:

1/7 Sup Lobster Kelapa Muda from West Sulawesi, 2/7 Gulai Iga Kemba'ang from Bengkulu, 3/7 Ayam Cincane from East Kalimantan, 4/7 Sate Udang Pentuk Asam Manis (Jambi)

5/7 Lempah Kuning (Bangka Belitung), 6/7 Asam Padeh Baung (Riau), 7/7 Lapis Palaro (North Maluku)

Sup Lobster Kelapa Muda from (West Sulawesi)

Sup Lobster Kelapa Muda from (West Sulawesi) is a West Sulawesi traditional soup which is rich with marine resources. The soup has rich flavours since so many seafood ingredients in it, namely, fresh lobster, squid and shrimp enriched with fresh pumpkin and tasty broth soup and fresh young coconut, which can be tasted not only the coconut water, but also the pieces of coconut meat.

Gulai Iga Kemba'ang (Bengkulu)

Bengkulu is not only famous for its traditional cakes, but also its spesipic and strong traditional food. Gulai Iga Kemba'ang is one of them. It is a weel known traditional cuisine of Bengkulu. Beef ribs smeared with thick coconut milk and special seasoning increase the good and strong taste of this food. Roasted coconut increases the taste of the ribs curry.

Ayam Cincane (East Kalimantan)

Ayam Cinace is one of the menu often recommended in big events, such as wedding or welcoming guests of honor. Chicken meat is wrapped by a thick chili seasoning and soy sauce and the delicious flavor of Cincane seasonings (onion, garlic, hazenut, ginger and galangal) and the splash of coconut milk increases the taste of Ayam Cincane.

Sate Udang Pentuk Asam Manis (Jambi)

Known by its curry dishes, jambi comes with a traditional seafood of sweet sour shrimp satay. it is made of shrimp mixed with flour and starch, similar to shrimp meatballs. The good taste of tender shrimp texture and rich falavors of sour and sweet sauces made of peanuts sauce, broth, and young mango taste increase the freshness of stay sauce.

Lempah Kuning (Bangka Belitung)

Refreshing is the perfect word to describe the taste of Lempah Kuning that similar to fish soup or tekwan that are popular in Sumatera region. The soup is made of mackerel fish with turmeric, chilli, and Asem Java that is refreshing. The texture of mackerel fish soup makes the food more delicious without making it taste fishy. Young pineapple or mango added to this fish soup, makes it more refreshing.










Classification of Issuance


Special stamp

Product Code



Issue date


06 July 2010

Designs and Denominations


1/7 Sup Lobster Kelapa Muda (West Sulawesi)

2/7 Gulai Iga kemba"ang (Bengkulu)

3/7 Ayam Cincane (East Kalimantan)

4/7 Sate Udang Pentuk Asam Manis (Jambi)

5/7 Lempah Kuning (Bangka Belitung)

6/7 Asam Padeh Baung (Riau)

7/7 Lapis Palaro (North Maluku)

7 x Rp 1.500,-




41.06 mm x 25.31mm



12.75 x 13.50

Sheet Composition


24 pcs (6 x 4) with a gutter

Price per Sheet


Rp 31.500,-



4 colours + invisible ink



Tullis Russel




Printing Process



Printing Quantity


300.000 sets






AMG Security Printing







Product Code





Rp 14.000,-

Printing Quantity


4.000 sets






Stamp Sales Period                    : 06July 2010 31 December 2013

Period of Validity For Postage      : 06 July 2010 31 December 2015


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