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Indonesian Traditional Music Instrument

9 March 2014

Dogdog Lojor

A traditional musical instrument of Banten was named "dogdog" as if being hit will produce sound "dog". Dogdog usually long shaped (lojor) so named "dogdog lojor'. Dogdog lojor made from areca nut bole or large bamboo with a length of about 1.25 meters. On one side is covered sheep or goat leather to hit.

Terompet Reog

Terompet Reog is a traditional musical instrument from Ponorogo, East Java. This instrument is commonly used as an accompaniment when performing Reog Ponorogo. This wind instrument is made of wood. Some models shaped carved dragon head.


Japen is a traditional musical instrument from Central Kalimantan which is played by plucking. This traditional musical instrument made of wood and have strings. Japen usually played to accompany Karungut.


Sampek is a East Kalimantan Dayak's traditional musical instrument. This instrument is made from various types of wood. However, the most commonly used material is lime wood or Ironwood. It is made traditionally. Creation process could take weeks. Made with 3 strings, 4 strings and 6 strings. Usually Sampek be engraved in accordance with the desire of the creators.

Gendang Panjang

Gendang Panjang or long drum made from merbau wood which is hard and durable, both sides covered with animal skins. Always plyed two pieces, the bigger one is called the parent (induk) and the smaller one is called child (anak). The child drum is made of goat skin while the parent is made from buffalo skin. To play a long drum is necessary expertise hands and fingers nimble, speed, and clever beat out by the rhythm. It is mainly used to accompany the martial arts. Usually the Gendang Panjang is hit with two pieces of rattan.


A musical instrument that comes from Lampung is made of bamboo. At first, known as the instrument that is played to accompany a traditional ceremony and reception. Today, with the development on how to play it, Cetik already learned in school and became dance musical instrument and even entered contemporary music.


Sasando is a traditional musical instrument from Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Sasando itself comes from the word Sari (pluck) and sando (vibration) which when combined have meaning vibrate when plucked. Sasando played with two hands from the opposite direction, left to right and right to left. Left hands plays the melody and bass, while the right hands plays the chords.


Tambur is one of the instruments used in the traditional arts of Suling Tambur. Suling Tambur is a traditional cultural arts of the people of Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua. Played in groups by men or women.


Lalove or Lalowe is a traditional musical instrument played by Kalli people in Donggala and Poso, central Sulawesi. A musical instrument shaped like a long flute, blown vertically. Lalove is made of bamboo or rattan, about 1 meter in length. At first, Lalove played for healing ceremonies conducted overnight. Its purpose is to call the spirits that cause illness in patients.


Latou is a musical instrument made of wooden slats. A player usually plays 3 slats that produce different sounds and hit on it to play. Lataou is still played by Cia-cia ethnic is Shouteast Sulawesi as the musical accompaniment of dance, martial arts, or as a charger spare time.


The accordion is a musical instrument similar organs. Musician playing a chord buttons with the left hand fingers, while the right hand plays the melody. Some of the title track is typical of South Sumatra accordion accompaniment, there are: Cuk Mak Ilang, Dek Sangke, Gending Sriwijaya, Kabile-bile and Tari Tanggai.





Classification of Issuance



Product Code



Issue date


9 March 2014

Designs and Denominations


12/33 Dogdog Lojor, Banten,  Rp 3.000,-

13/33 Terompet Reog, East Java,  Rp 3.000,-

14/33 Japen, Central Kalimantan,  Rp 5.000,-

15/33 Sampek, East Kalimantan,  Rp 5.000,-

16/33 Gendang Panjang, Riau Islands,  Rp 5.000,-

17/33 Cetik, Lampung,  Rp 5.000,-

18/33 Sasando, East Nusa Tenggara,  Rp 8.000,-

19/33 Tambur, West Papua,  Rp 8.000,-

20/33 Lalove, Central Sulawesi,  Rp 5.000,-

21/33 Latatou, Southeast Sulawesi,  Rp 5.000,-

22/33 Accordion, South Sumatra,  Rp 5.000,-



41.06 x 25.31 mm



12.75 x 13.50

Sheet Composition


24 pcs (3x8) with gutter

Price per Set


Rp 57.000,-



4 separation + 1 invisible ink



Tullis Russel




Printing Process



Printing Quantity


300.000 sets



Pidi Baiq



Perum Peruri



Product Code





Rp 64.500,-

Printing Quantity


5.000 sets



Pidi Baiq



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