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The 22nd Asian International Stamp Exhibition "Jakarta 2008" 

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       Jakarta 2008

     Souvenir Sheet issuance in the ocean of the 22nd Asian International Stamp Exhibition "Jakarta 2008" depicts six daily themes of this exhibition on October 23 - 28 October, 2008, These themes are Grand Opening Day, Visit Indonesia 2008 Day, Philatelic Day, FIAP Day, Ecophila Day and Youth Pledge Day.


    Grand Opening Day

     Theme of the Grand Opening day features. Jakarta city as a host of this international stamp exhibition. Jakarta city as a host of this international stamp axhibition. Jakarta is the dynamic capital city of the republic of Indonesia, a country composed of more than 17,000 islands and 300 ethnic group with population over 228 millions. Jakarta is lively social, cultural, economic and political hub of the nation. As a capital, this city is truly a meeting point of representatives from throughout the archipelago. Now Jakarta has developed into one of asia's most prominent metropolitan centers with current population 7,544,242 people. one of the renowned icons of this city is welcome monument that welcomes all participants of this international stamp exhibition.

    Visit Indonesia 2008 Day

     With countless diversity of cultures and biodiversity, Indonesia is a place with fabulous beaches, serene mountains, numorous waterfalss, relics from the past, beautiful marine life. All can be found in here. Visitors will find Indonesia in their liking, as there is always a place of interest for everyone. To offer all of these, Ministry of Culture and Tourism the Republic of Indonesia has set Visit Indonesia 2008 program on the occasion of Celebrating 100 Years of National Awakening. More than 100 international events and cultural festivals across the country have been set to enchance and enrich travel experience. Supporting this program, Jakarta International Airport Soekarno-Hatta as a main gateway to Indonesia had prepared to welcome all visitors.


    Philatelic Day

     Indonesia Stamp Museum is a one of important milestones of philatelic development in Indonesia. Located at the Indonesian Miniature Park Jakarta, this museum was inaugurated on September 29, 1983 by President Soeharto. The architecture of Indonesia Stamp Museum is very unique. it is a fusion of "joglo" traditional Javanese house and rich traditional Balinese ornaments. Housing a vast collection of Indonesian stamps, this museum is really a show-case of the history and riches of the country through stamps.









    FIAP Day

     As an un-separated part of stamp history in Asia, the first stamp in Indonesia under Dutch colonial was issued in 1864. The stamp depicts picture of King Willem III of Netherlands in red wine colour. With nominla of "10 cent", this rectangle shape stamp contains "postzegel" typography at below. At the left and right side, it was typed "Nederl" and "Indie". Printed in Utrecht Netherlands in 2,000,000 pieces, this stamp was designed by T.W. Kaisar of Amsterdam.

    Ecophila Day

     The Ecophila term refers to the whole activities of caring and protecting the environment through common means in the world of philately. This is a reflection of concern and participation of philatelic society as an advocate of environment preservation through stamps and at the same time as an environment friendly actor. Universal Postal Union (UPU) commemorates June 5 as Ecophila Stamp Day, Ecophila Day theme on this exhibition features Brahminy Kite or Haliastur indus as a mascot of Jakarta. Ironically, we hardly could find this kind of bird fly in this capital city. This bird had been protected as an endangered species due to its habitat loss.

    Youth Pledge Day

     The Youth Pledge was a declaration made on October 28, 1928 by young Indonesian nationalist at a congress in Jakarta. They proclaimed the popular unity slogan of one blood - indonesian motherland, one nation - the Indonesian Nation, and a unifying language-Indonesian. Since there are hundreds of distinct ethnicities, cultures as well as languages spoken across the archipelago, the principles of unity is more than just an ideal but a practical necessity. On that congress, "Indonesia Raya", national anthem composed by W.R. Supratman was performed for the first time.




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Special Stamp

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23-28 October 2008

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1/6 Opening Day Rp 5.000,00

2/6 Visit Indonesia Day  Rp 5.000,00

3/4 Philately Day Rp 5.000,00

4/6 FIAP Day  Rp 5.000,00

5/6 Ecophila Day Rp 5.000,00

6/6 Youth Pledge Day Rp 5.000,00




41.60 mm x 25.31 mm



12.75 x 13.50

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20 pcs (4x5)

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4 colors separation + 1 invisible ink



Tullis Russel




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100.000 sets



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Rp 2.000,00

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12.000 pcs



Tata Sugiarta



Stamp Sales Period                    : 28 October 2008 31 December 2011

Period of Validity For Postage      : 28 October 2008 31 December 2013