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"National Afforestation"

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National Afforestation Movement has the objectives to remind people of the importance of preserving the potential natural resources of the forest, soil and water as the manifestation of the Indonesian people's awareness to the development with an environmental insight.

The campaign of National Afforestation reseaches the climax on December 17-23 every year, and it has been done since 1961 and this year is the 32nd anniversary.

In commemorating this event, the Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunications issues  a series of special stamps,  and  the Public  Corporation for Posts and Giro issues First Day Covers "National Afforestationwith are to the following specifications:

     A. STAMPS

Classification Stamp : Commemorative Stamps

1. Date of issue : 24 December 1992

2. Denominations :  Rp 500,00 depicting the successful and continuous afforestation of critical land.

3. Quantity : 2.000.000 stamps

4. Paper : White unwatermarked                                            

5. Gum type : PVA

6. Printing process : Rotogravure in four colours bearing special marks in the form of emblem of Perum Pos dan Giro (Public Corporation of Posts and Giro) which are visible only under ultra-violet ray.

7. Size : 22.30 x 38.60 mm.

8. Perforation : 13.50 x 12.75

9. Sheet composition : 50 stamps per sheet.

10. Designers        :  Triadi Margono

      Design resources : Department of Forestry, Republic of Indonesia

11. Printer : Perum PERURI.



1. Quantity   : 15.000 pieces 

2. Designer  : Drs. Faisol Mustofa

3. Price        : Rp 1.000,00 / each



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