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Special  Stamps Issuance

National Qur'an Reading Contest (MTQ) is a festival to glorify  Qur'an aimed at, among other things, motivating people to love the Holy Book and implement its teaching in daily life. This activity was held for the first time in 1968 in Makassar (Ujung Pandang).

At the early years of its organization, MTQ was conducted every year. However, in order to give the provinces more time preparing their representatives, in 1977 it became a biannual activity. And now  it is held every three years.

The 18th National MTQ this  year will be held in Jambi. Around 2,000 participants and officials from all the 27 provinces will meet there and compete in seven categories, namely: Tilawatil Qur'an (reading contest assessing on reciting regulation, rhythm, and voice) Hifzhil Qur'an 9reciting Qur'an by heart), Tafsir Qur'an (Qur'anic Interpretation), Tartilil Qur'an (correct reading; children category), Fakhmil Qur'an 9quiz on Qur'anic teachings), Syarhil Qur'an (speech contest on how to implement Qur'anic teachings in daily life), and Khatlil Qur'an (calligraphy).

In accordance with the opening of the festival by President Soeharto on July 9, 1997, a stamp series is issued. The series depicts two designs: Rp 300.00 denomination featuring main gate of the venue and the other one with Rp 700.00 denomination featuring an old mosque called "Al-Ikhsaniah". The mosque, located at Olak Kemang, Jambi, is the only mosque in Jambi which was built with the Dutch colonial government support.




Product code        : 971110

Issue Date            : 09 July 1997

Denomination, design and designers  : Rp 300.00 The main gate of 18th MTQ venue designed by Triadi Margono 

                                           Rp 700.00 "Al-Ikhsaniah" Mosque, Olak Kemang, Jambi designed by Ahmad Kurniawan 

Size                      : 31.96 mm x 24.00 mm

Perforations          : 12.5 x 12.5

Colors                  : 4 colors + 1 logo

Paper                    : white unwatermarked

Gum                      : PVA

Printing process     : rotogravure

Printing quantity     : 1,000,000 sets

Sheet composition : 50 pieces (5X10) 

Printer                   : Perum Peruri, Jakarta



Product code     : 971120

Price                  : Rp 1,800.00

Printing quantity : 20,000 pieces

Designer           : Yani Madya

Printer               : Phicom Studio, Bandung


Stamp Sales Period : 09 July 1997 - 31 Desember 2000

Period of Validity For Letter Postage : 09 July 1997 - 31 December 2002


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