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National Sports Week (PON) is the national sports festival which is held every four years for all provinces of Indonesia. It was held for the first time in Solo, Central Java in 1948. The first PON was organized by the Indonesian Government in response to the British Government's request that only Indonesian athletes and officials, who used Dutch passports, could enter England to participate in the XIV Olympics in London. Indonesia refused to use Dutch passports  and held its own sports game called Pekan Olahraga Nasional (PON). The committee invited foreign diplomats and international press to cover the opening ceremony in order to show the world that the Republic of Indonesia had become independent.

PON has continued to develop and grow. On the first occasion only a few regions of Java participated in the games, competing in 9 categories for 42 gold medals. However, in subsequent PON's, other provinces outside Java have taken part. Since 1977, all 27 provinces of Indonesia have participated in the games. The categories have also increased to approximately 35  sports events.

The XIV PON will be held in Jakarta from 9-20 September 1996, with 5,049 athletes competing in 35 sports categories for 502 gold and silver medals and 592 bronze medals. To mark this sport event, the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunications will issue a series of stamps, printed in gutter-pair sheets, depicting three sport categories that have never been featured on the stamps before namely basketball, hockey nd softball, with Pos Indonesia also issuing a first day cover.  



Product code        : 961610

Issue Date            : 2 September 1996

Denomination and designs  : Rp 300.00 featuring softball designed by Rudiyana   

                                           Rp 700.00 featuring hockey designed by I Ketut Wiarsana

                                           Rp 1.000,00 featuring basketball designed by Ezry Junalies 

Size                      : 25.31 mm x 41.06 mm

Perforations          : 13.5 x 12.75

Colors                  : 4 colors + 1 logo

Paper                    : white unwatermarked

Gum                      : PVA

Printing process     : combinations of offset and rotogravure

Printing quantity     : 1,000,000 pieces for each denomination

Sheet composition : 40 pieces (4x10) 

Printer                   : Perum Peruri, Jakarta



Product code     : 961620

Price                  : Rp 2,700.00

Printing quantity : 17,000 pieces

Designer           : Adi Es-Be 

Printer               : Phicom Studio, Bandung

Stamp Sales Period : 2 September 1996 - 31 Desember 1999

Period of Validity For Letter Postage : 2 September 1996 - 31 December 2001


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