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"The Children Well-Being"

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The United Nations through "The Satate of World Population 1987" made a prediction that the five billionth baby would be born by a mother in a third world. The issuance of commemorative stamps to mark the National Children Day in 1987 has coincidence with the U.N.'s concern in respect of the importance of family planning.

Therefore it is chosen "The Children well-being" as the theme of the stamps's issue.

The children well-being requires parents' cares for the baby's health since birth with the application of prventive measures such as vaccination and immunization, as well as an appropriate cares for proper nutrition.

Education and knowledge received during chilhood will play an important role in future participation in the development of mankind.

In the context of description above,  the Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunications  issues  a series of commemorative stamps and the Public Corporation for Posts and Giro issues First Day Cover "The Children Well-Beingwith  the following specifications:

     A. STAMPS

Classification Stamp : Special  Stamps

1. Date of issue : 23 July 1987

2. Denominations :  Rp 100,00 and Rp 250,00

3. Quantity : 2.000.000 stamps for each denominations.

4. Paper     : White unwatermarked                                            

5. Gum type : PVA

6. Printing process : Rotogravure in two colours bearing special marks in the form of emblem of Perum Pos dan Giro (Public Corporation of Posts and Giro) which are visible only under ultra-violet ray.

7. Size : 21.00 x 28.96 mm.

8. Perforation : 12.50 x 12.50

9. Sheet composition : 100 stamps per sheet.

10. Designers        :  Drs. Faisol Mustofa and BKKBN Pusat (The National Family Planning Coordinating Board).

      Design resources : Secretarial General of the MPR

11. Printer : Perum PERURI.



1. Quantity   : ... pieces 

2. Designer  : Andy S.

3. Price        : Rp 500,00 / each



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