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Special  Stamps Issuance

The Eastern Region of Indonesia (KTI) has abundant treasures - in the natural, cultural, and historical sense, and most of them have a marine nuance. These are valuable assets for may fields such as education, sport and tourism. One of the historical treasures in KTI is Soma Opu Fortress. In the Golden age of Gowa Kingdom, Somba Opu Fortess was a dwelling place for the king. With tha marine-rich spands along its islands, KTI is also a right place for the opening of The National Convention on The Development of The Indonesian Maritime Continent to be held in Ujung Pandang on 18 December 1996.


Issue date         : 18 December 1996

stamp designers : Ezry Junalies & Soebagyanto

FDC  designer  : Adi Es-Be, Phicom Studio, Bandung

                          based on the reproduction of Pieter Blow's 1638 work.




Product code        : 961610

Issue Date            : 2 September 1996

Denomination and designs  : Rp 300.00 featuring softball designed by Rudiyana   

                                           Rp 700.00 featuring hockey designed by I Ketut Wiarsana

                                           Rp 1.000,00 featuring basketball designed by Ezry Junalies 

Size                      : 25.31 mm x 41.06 mm

Perforations          : 13.5 x 12.75

Colors                  : 4 colors + 1 logo

Paper                    : white unwatermarked

Gum                      : PVA

Printing process     : combinations of offset and rotogravure

Printing quantity     : 1,000,000 pieces for each denomination

Sheet composition : 40 pieces (4x10) 

Printer                   : Perum Peruri, Jakarta



Product code     : 961620

Price                  : Rp 2,700.00

Printing quantity : 17,000 pieces

Designer           : Adi Es-Be 

Printer               : Phicom Studio, Bandung


Stamp Sales Period : 18 December 1996 - 31 Desember 1999

Period of Validity For Letter Postage : 18 December 1996 - 31 December 2001


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