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"The Transport And Communications Decade For Asia and Pasific

(1985-1994) 1988"

In the frame of commemorating Transport and Communications Decade for Asia and the Pasific (1985-1994), ESCAP (The Economic and Social Commision for Asia and the Pasific) suggests member countries to issue a set of commemorative stamp depicting transport and communication.

The issuance of stamp is meant as an effective way of raising public awareness within the region of ESCAP to the important role of transport and communication.

In this connection,  the Directorate Generalof Post and Telecocommunications issues a set of commemorative stamp:



1. Date of issue : 24 October 1988

2. Denominations :  Rp 350.00                               

3. Quantity : 2.000.000 pieces

4. Paper : White unwatermarked                                            

5. Gum type : PVA

6. Printing process : Rotogravure in two colours bearing special marks in the form of emblem of Perum Pos dan Giro (Public Corporation of Posts and Giro) which are visible only under ultra-violet ray.

7. Size : 21.00 x 28.96 mm.

8. Perforation : 12.50 x 12.50

9. Sheet composition : 100 stamps per sheet.

10. Designers         : Heri Purnomo

11. Printer : Perum Peruri



1. Quantity : ... pieces 

2. Designer : Andi S.

3. Price : Rp 550,00.


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