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During the next coming June and July, most of the world's attention will be focused on France. A lot of people will have to adjust their schedule to match with those of the home of the Eiffel Tower. Every chat in every part of the globe will be dominated by the same topic:football.

That's all because of four-yearly championship which this time is held in France.32 national teams (rising from 24 in the previous tournament) divided in eight groups will compete in the 16th World Cup Event (Coupe du Mone de Football in French). Ten cities of France that host the game will be cheered and flooded by thousands of visitors from all around the world. They are Bordeaux, Lens, Lyon, marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, saint-denis, Saint-Etienne, Toulouse and, bien sur, Paris.meanwhile, in other parts of the globe, millions of people from different ages and backgrounds will be infauted monitoring every result of the games through papers, Internet and television.





Product code   : 980710

Issue Date       : 5 June 1998

Denominations : 2 x Rp 700,-

Design             : Tropical rainforests

Designers         : Yus R Arwadinatas 

Size                 : 41.06 mm x 25.31 mm (horizontal)

Perforations      : 13.50 x 12.75

Colour            : 5 colours + 1 logo

Paper              : white unwatermarked

Gum                : PVA

Printing quantity     : 1,000,000 sets

Sheet composition : 16 pieces (8x2) with gutter

Printer                  : Perum Peruri



Product code     : 980720

Price                 : Rp 2,400

Printing quantity : 20,000 sets

Designer           : Yus R Arwadinata