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The World Environment Day (WED) was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. The United Nations  uses WED to stimulate awareness of the environment and enhance plitical attention and public action. In Indonesia, it has become  a tradition that every 5 June The Directorate General of Post and Telecomuniations issues a special series to commemorate World Environment Day (WED).

This year, the serie consist of a set of two stamps and a souvenir sheet. On the same day Pos Indonesia issues the First Day Cover. The designs depicted in this series are the winning works of the stamp design contest held by The Directorate General of Posts and Telecomuniations in 2005. The first and second winners by Guruh Ramdani (from Sumedang) and Kristides Yodoko (from Yogyakarta) appear on the stamp and souvenir sheet, and the third winner by M.Aidi Yupri (from Magelang) is used for the FDC.


Several natural disarters recently occured in various areas of Indonesia.  They caused not only loss of properties ut death pull as well. Most of the natural disasters happened as the impacts of destroying of ecosystem. To raise awareness on yhe issue, The Ministry of Environment takes the World Environment day 2006 momentum of 5 June 2006 to introduce national theme commemoration of the even, namely "Prevent environmental Disaster".

On international level, The World Enviroment Day 2006 topic opted for 2006 is "Desert and Desertification" with the slogan "Don't Desert Drylands".The slogan emphasizes the importance of protecting drylands, which cover more than 40% of the planet's surface.This ecosystem is home to one-third of the world's people who are more vulnerable members of society.

A Desert is a landscape form or region that receives little precipitation. Generally deserts are defined as areas that receive an average annual precipitation of less than 250 mm (10 inches). Deserts which cover about one-fifth of earth's land surface have a reputation for supporting very little life, especially compared to wetter regions. However, deserts often have high biodiversity, including animals that remain hidden during the  daylight to preserve moisture .Deserts sometimes contain valuable mineral deposits that were formed in the arid environment or that were exposed by erosion. Because deserts are dry, they are ideal places for human artifacts and fossils to be preserved.

Desertification is the degradation of land in arid, semi arid and dry sub-humid areas resulting from various factors including climatic variations and human activities. Modern desertification often arises from the demands of increased populations that settle on the land in order to grow crops and graze animals.

The main international celebrations of the World Environment Day 2006 will be held in Algeria. The day's agenda is to give a human face to envirotmental issues; empower people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development; and advocate partnership which will ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safer and more prosperous future.




Classification Stamp : Special Stamp

Product code   : 061104

Issue Date       : 5 June 2006

Denomination  : 2 x Rp 1,500.00

Size                 : 41.06 mm x 25.31 mm 

Perforations      : 12.75 x 13.50

Sheet composition : 20 pieces (5x4) 

Price per Sheet       : Rp 30,000.00

Colour             : 5 colours

Paper               : Tullis Russel 

Gum                 : PVA

Printing Process : Offset

Printing quantity     : 300,000 sets

Designers         : Guruh Ramdani  & Kristides Yudoko

Printer              : PT AMG



Product code     : 061404

Denomination     : 2 x Rp 1,500.00

Printing quantity : 50,000 spcs



Product code     : 062104

Price                 : Rp 5,000.00

Printing quantity : 7,000 sets

Designer           : M. Aidi Yupri 


Stamp Sales Period : 5 June 2006 - 31 December 2009

Period of Validity For Postage : 5 June 2006 - 31 December 2011


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