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Enviromental Care 2007

5 June 2007

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Experts indicate the phenomenon of global warming in recent decades. Global warning terminology refers to the increase in average temperature of air and oceans on earth's surface in a period of time and its projected continuation. the heating temperature due to the increase of greenhouse gas concentration  in the atmosphere caused by emission of fosil fuel consumption. In turn, this global warming becomes a significant factor behind climate change, namely variation of global s well as regional climate overtime.

Global warning has brought today's enviromental problems. melting ice layer at the poles has triggered rising sea level. Accordingly, lower islands and coastal areas were drowned. Whereas,  variation of frequency and intensity of wheather and rainfall has caused flood, landslide, and burned forest as  a result of prolonged dry seasons. Of Course, this situation is very harmful to agriculture activities and other human activities in general. On the other hand, disrupted life habitat plays crucial role in the spread of epidemic diseases such as malaria and fever dengue.

Concerned about above matters,United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) chooses "Melting Ice - A Hot Topic?" theme in commemorating 2007 World Enviromental day. Norway is honored to host the international commemoration held this year. In Indonesia, the theme is adapted into "Changing Climate: Beware of Enviromental Disaster". In line with that, Indonesia will host Conference of parties (COP) United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) in Bali 3rd - 4 th December 2007. The meeting that will attended by delegates from 189 countries is scheduled to discuss efforts on global warming prevention closely realted to forest conservation, rising sea level adaption, climate change as well as international fund rising for sustained activities.

On the occasion of commemorating World Environment day 5th June 2007, The Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication issues "Enviromental Care" stamp series. The Stamp  consist of four designs created by Guruh Ramdani. Complementing it, PT Pos Indonesia issues First day Covers (FDCs) for stamp series. FDCs consist of two designs created by Alan Tandjung and FDC with SS designed by Tata Sugiarta.




Classification of issuance : Special Stamps

Product code        : 071104

Issue Date            : 5 June 2007

Designs & Denominations : 1/4 Melting Ice-1 Rp 1,500.00

                                          2/4 Melting Ice-2 Rp 1,500.00

                                          3/4 Environmental Disasters-1 Rp 1,500.00

                                          4/4 Environmental Disasters-1 Rp 1,500.00

Size                      : 41.06 mm x 25.31 mm 

Sheet composition : 20 pieces (5x4) 

Fullsheet Price : Rp 60,000.00 (2 sheets)

Colour                  : 5 colours 

Paper                    : Tullis Russel

Gum                      : PVA

Printing Process     : Offset

Printing quantity     : 200,000 sets

Designer                : Guruh Ramdani 

Printer                   : PT AMG Security Printing 



Product code     :  071404

Denominations    :  2 x Rp 2,500.00

Printing quantity   : 30,000 pcs



FDC #1

FDC #2


Product code     : 072104-1 & 072104-2

Price    : Rp 10.000,-/set

Quantity Per Set : 2 pcs

Printing quantity : 5,000 sets

Designer           : Alan Tandjung



FDC with SS

Product code     : 072104-3

Price    : Rp 7.000,-

Printing quantity : 3,000 sets

Designer           : Tata Sugiarta



Stamp Sales Period : 2 June - 31 Desember 2010

Period of Validity For Postage : 2 June 2007 - 31 December 2012


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