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70th Anniversary of The DPR-RI Stamp Series

29 August 2015

Modern Parliament

Modern Parliament is a parliament which open widely to public to participate in the policy making process. The access was opened primarily through the use of digital information technology, such as websites and social media. Public can give their views/opinion/response about the isuues being discussed, and the results of the decision-making process that occurred in the parliament raapidly (real time). Public participation is opened wide and digital information technology are fully utilized will drive the performance of the function of parliamentary representation is strengthening the system of representative democracy. Members of parliament and institutions are required to be more rational, professional, transparent and accountable.

To build a modern parliament is the demands of changing times. These changes occur because it is influenced by two factors, namely:

1. The victory of the democratic political system (wave of democracy). The political system of democracy has brought important changes in parliament, namely the urge to accommodate the principles of good governance in carrying out its functions, and when communication with constituents.

2. The progress of digital information technology and the globalization era that gave birth to the stateless information society. One consequences is the first parliament to adopt the technology "analog communication" which are paper based becoming obsolete.

Modern DPR

Modern House of Representatives (DPR)  is a parliament which perform the functions of representation, legislation, budgets, and monitoring; DPR which brought public aspirations; DPR open to the widest possible public participation; DPR that is easily accessible, open, and transparent; and DPR that utilize digital information technology to reach a wider public and ease the work.

Being a modern DPR is a response to the challenges of the future of the nation. Since the 1998 reform, public demand for transparency, participation, and accountability is not unstoppable. The public is increasingly critical as a result of advances in information technology and the impact of globalization need to be well anticipated and responsive by DPR in carrying out its functions.

It will take time and process to become a modern parliament, it must begin now. DPR RI of 2014-2019 period provide priority to build a modern parliament, through various programs and activities that are to be implemented.

In order to increase public participation and disclosure of information, the some programs existing activities need to be strengthened on an ongoing basis, and adding new programs that are relevant, including:

1. Parliament News Center

2. Media Analysisi

3. Parlementaria Magazine and Bulletin.

4. Parliament TV

5. Meet the Press, Meet the Parliament, and Meet the Scholars

6. Community Visits

7. Museum and Library.





Classification of Issuance



Product Code



Issue date


29 August 2015

Designs and Denominations


1/2 Modern DPR, Rp 3,000

2/2 Digital Information Technology, Rp 3,000



40.00 mm x 30.00 mm



12.75 x 13.50

Sheet Composition


12 pcs (4x3)

Price per Set


Rp 3.000



4 separation  + 1 invisible ink



Tullis Russel




Printing Process



Printing Quantity


300.000 sets



Garitz Studio



Perum Peruri

First Day Cover

Product Code





Rp 9,000

Printing Quantity


5.000 pieces



Tata Sugiarta






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