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The earth's environment is composed of biotic components and abiotic components, which together form a dynamic biologicl, chemical, and physical system. Forest play prominent role in the system. However, by the early 1990s millions of acres of this biome had been destroyed for lumber and to make way for farms, ranches, mines, and reservoirs. It is estimated that mot of the remanining tropical rain forest could be destroyed within two to three generations. As the forests disappear, so will countless species of plants and animals, greatly diminishing the biological diversity, or biodiversity, of these areas. Research shows that milions of acres of tropical rain forest are being destroyed each year and valuable species of plants and animals are vanishing with them.

Two thirds of the Indonesian soil is covered by forests, with rain forest the predominant type comprising an area of 89 million hectare. Indonesia tropical forest is one of the planet's lungs that clears the air. However, due to the natural phenomena and men's carelessness, deforestation and forest fires have occured on some areas damaging prts of the forest and freely spreading combustion that burns the natural fuel of a forest.

Forest fires hve taken many lives, wood destroyed immeasurable amounts of timber, and have brought about changes in tree and other forest populations over vast areas. Globally, it is estimated that by the early 1990s, 100 million people in 26 countries were suffering from acute firewood shortages.

Celebrating the World Environment Day, a stamp series is issued delivering the message of forest conservation. widespread reforestation project are needed to help offset previous losses and increase the world's forest cover. The stamp issuance is also marking the adoption of the date June 5 as "Ecophila Stamp Day" by the Universal Postal Union (UPU).



Product code   : 980710\

Issue Date       : 5 June 1998

Denominations : 2 x Rp 700,-

Design             : Tropical rainforests

Designers         : Yus R Arwadinatas 

Size                 : 41.06 mm x 25.31 mm (horizontal)

Perforations      : 13.50 x 12.75

Colour            : 5 colours + 1 logo

Paper              : white unwatermarked

Gum                : PVA

Printing quantity     : 1,000,000 sets

Sheet composition : 16 pieces (8x2) with gutter

Printer                  : Perum Peruri



Product code     : 980720

Price                 : Rp 2,400

Printing quantity : 20,000 sets

Designer           : Yus R Arwadinata