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JUVALUX'98 is the World Philatelic Exhibition for Postal history and youth classes. It is held from June 18 to 21, 1998 in Luxembourg under the patronage of  FIP (Federation Internationale de Philatelie). The exhibition will display collections from more than 60 countries with around 2,100 frames. This is the fourth time Luxembourg convene the exhibition after 1969, 1978, and 1988.

Luxembourg is a small country situated in the northwestern sector of Europe. The official name of the country is Groussherzogtum Letzebue (Luxemburgian); Grand-Duche de Luxembourg (French); Grossherzogtum Luxemburg (German) (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg). The name  "Luxembourg " is derived from the name of an old Roman castle purchased by Siegfried, Count of Ardennes from the Abbey of St. Maimin in Trier on April 2, 963. The name of the castle was Lucilinburhuc meaning "small fortress" which over the years became known as Luxembourg.

Indonesia participates in the exhibition by issuing a souvenir sheet featuring a fishing cat (Felis viverrina). The beautifully marked cat found on Java lives in the forest though its track are often found on the beach at Sukamade in Meru Betiri,  reserve. The selection of the object was associated with the Chinese lunar year, which is the year of the tiger. In addition to the souvenir sheet, an exhibition cover is also issued, featuring a scenic view of Luxembourg city.


Souvenir Sheet

Product code   : 988001

Design             : Fishing cat

Designers         : Tata Sugiarta

Printing quantity : 160,000 pcs

Denominations : Rp 5.000,-

Printer              : Perum Peruri

Colors               : 5 colors+ Invisible logo


Exhibition cover

Product code     : 988501

Designer           : Tata Sugiarta

Printing quantity : 10,000 pcs

Price                 : rp 6,000,-